CarbonArmor® Provides a Hi-Tech Fix for Damaged Foundation Walls Near Elliot Lake, North Bay, Sudbury

Wall Reinforcement and Stabilization

Think of the important structures that would be rendered useless if their foundations were cracked or warped. High rise buildings and sky scrapers, military shelters, and bridges come immediately to mind.

When those structures get damaged top-level government and military contractors and engineers found a solution.

And that solution, our CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System, is available for your homes' structural stabilization.

Numerous conditions can cause foundation problems

It's easy to tell if your foundation is compromised and damaged. There are cracks along joints in the mortar in walls where bricks or blocks are joined.

Cracks appear in poured cement walls most often starting at the bottom corners and traveling upwards. These faults can cause walling to buckle and eventually collapse with time.

If not corrected these problems will lead to serious and costly structural repair.

Our experienced and professional contractors can determine how extensive your foundation damage is and offer a permanent solution. We have the technology and we can rebuild it!

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Straps and epoxy make a low-profile repair

The  CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System is a two-part system that not only strengthens your foundation walls and prevents future warping, it is unobtrusive and easily concealed when finished.

After a thorough cleaning of the wall, the first step is measuring the length of a series of carbon fiber straps that are the supports for the wall. The condition of the wall, the pressure on that wall and the expertise of the contractor determine the number of straps to be used.

Then step two. The straps are cut to the length of the wall and both the straps and the wall are coated with a high-strength epoxy resin. The dampened straps are adhered to the wall and a second covering coat of resin is applied. The high strength yet low profile repair procedure hugs the contours of the wall and when completed is easily covered and concealed by paint or sheet rock.

Stabilization that's strong, fast and affordable

Our thoroughly trained Supportworks contractors can deduce and trouble-shoot your foundation repair needs and offer a you long-lasting solution.

The union of high-strength epoxy resin and carbon fiber strapping is being used by both the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the aerospace industry. The lightweight materials and stronger-than-steel makeup is both cost effective and easily applicable for the residential homeowner. Call or e-mail us now and let the  CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System strengthen your foundation today!

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