Kenmar Basement Systems Case Studies: Wet Basement in Val Caron, ON


This Val Caron homeowner was experiencing water in their basement and was unsure where the leak was coming from.

After further inspection and removing some drywall from this completely finished basement, it was discovered that previous owners had installed a row of blocks inside the actual foundation wall approximately one foot around the entire perimeter of the basement to prevent water from entering the living area.

An interior wall was then framed on top of these blocks and the basement was finished.


We installed a DryTrak System around the perimeter of the original foundation so the water would no longer reach the wall built inside the basement and would not be an issue in the home any longer.

In this particular case we were able to work between the two walls in most areas of the basement minimizing the amount of work and damage the homeowner would have to do in this finished living area.