Weeping Tile Flushing

Do You REALLY need to replace your Weeping Tiles?

Over time, your perimeter Weeping Tile system can become compromised and no longer work effectively. However, having a clogged Weeping Tile system does not always mean that you need a replacement! High-pressure flushing provides an effective, more cost-effective alternative.

Identifying when Your Weeping Tile System Needs Attention

Sometimes, blockages in the form of roots, clay, sediment, minerals, and soil can build up throughout your weeping tile system. Here are the signs that this is occurring at your home.

  • Look for horizontal, vertical or diagonal cracks in your basement or crawlspace walls.
  • Search for damp areas or pools of water under basement windows or floor.
  • Pay attention to a strong, musty odor - a sign of mold or mildew.
  • Look for stained or peeling drywall; mold or mildew on walls and flooring.
  • Run a garden hose near your exterior foundation wall. Watch your sump pump pit. If the weeping tile is working properly, the pit should fill with water. If not, it's likely blocked or broken.

How High-Pressure Flushing Works

First, an evaluation inspection will be completed by our foundation expert to determine the best way to access the weeping tile system.

If your weeping tile system does have a blockage, high-pressure flushing may be the solution!

Also known as weeping tile jetting, high-pressure flushing is a great alternative to replacing your entire weeping tile system. We will use our Hydro-Jetter to pull the dirt and debris out of your Weeping Tile. Our Hydro-Jetter can cut through roots remove debris. We will use our state of the art locating cameras to inspect the condition and integrity of the perimeter drainage system.

A line is then inserted into the weeping tile, and high-pressure water is jetted through the lines at 4000 psi or less. Whether the debris is clay, sediment, soil or minerals, the high-pressure flushes it out of the weeping tile and back towards the technician. Your home's age plays a big factor in determining the access method needed. Some older homes with clay Weeping Tile systems may require excavation at the corners of your home

Experts in High-Pressure Flushing

When you have a problem with your weeping tile system, don't wait for it to turn into a bigger issue. At the first sign of damage, call us. The best way to know if you have a weeping tile system problem is to have a professional inspection completed.

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