Kenmar Basement Systems Case Studies: Leaky Basement solved with DryTrak and CleanSpace in Sudbury, ON


This homeowner's basement had a number of different issues that needed to be addressed.

The foundation was starting to bow in, one of the walls was bowed over half an inch from the bottom of the wall to the top, and another wall was cracked and beginning to shear.

The basement was leaking where the floor and the wall meet and a homemade trench was made in the floor to direct the water to a small sump pit.



Power Braces were installed along the area of the foundation that had already experienced movement. The Power Braces straightened the bowing wall and will provide support so there will be no further movement.

The area of the foundation that was cracked but not severly sheared or bowing was fixed by installing Carbon Armor Reinforcing Strapping which will secure this wall and prevent it from bowing or shearing in the future.

We installed a Triple Safe Sump Pump with proper bolt down safety lid, battery back-up and new discharge line.

DryTrak System was installed around the perimeter of the basement which will direct the water to the Triple Safe where it will be pumped out of the basement.