Testimonials for Kenmar Basement Systems

Ken was very knowledgable and had a relaxed approached to the sale fo the UltraSump which was very nice.  Your crew were efficient and courteous and the office staff were very helpful.  We are very satisfied with the job you did.  Your website said you worked in North Bay and when we called, you were able to help right away with an UltraSump to replace our sump pump.
Danielle and Chris S. of North Bay, ON
I am so happy with my WaterGuard System.  I went downstairs during that rain we had last week in January and my basement was dry.  There wasn't a spot of water anywhere!  Now we are finishing it!  Thanks
Sherri B. of North Bay , ON
Tuesday, February 5th
Trevor just completed the annual maintenance on my sump pump and system, and I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the service he provided. He was very professional and thorough. As business owners, I'm sure you hear when employees don't do things right. I think it is equally important (perhaps more) for you to know when people do things right. Thank-you, and have a great weekend! Sherri B (Satisfied Customer)
Sherri B. of North Bay, ON
Friday, January 23rd
I liked the TripleSafe System as soon as I saw it.   It hasn't let me down.
Mark H. of North Bay, ON
Monday, December 17th
Testimonial Photo by Kelly B.
An incredibly patient, professional, and considerate company whose work ethic is clearly shown with every job and every visit. Their years of experience, paired with their genuine concern for their clients, is what makes Kenmar truly second to none in their field, and in any service field for that matter. They care about the well being of their clients and their workmanship is impeccable. Kenmar is not about gouging people, upselling, or doing unnecessary work. They work efficiently and effectively, with follow up afterwards to make sure their clients are happy and the problem is rectified. I have personally had to call on Kenmar on three separate occasions - 2 at different houses and 1 was to act as a expert when there was issues in selling our home. Kenmar went above and beyond to help us out with a situation that they really didn't have to assist with. Ken (the owner) came on his day off, no questions asked. A truly outstanding company. I have recommended them to several people and won't hesitate to continue doing so.
Kelly B. of North Bay, ON
Tuesday, December 4th
The guys worked hard to put in the TripleSafe Battery Backup Sump Pump.  You were referred to me by a neighbour and it works great!  I'm so happy I put it in.
Richard S. of North Bay, ON
Wednesday, July 10th
It was a quick and reliable response to my query. Ken was pleasant. The crew were outgoing and competent in the installation of my Ultra Battery Backup Sump Pump.  I'm very satisfied with my new Sump Pump and the cleanup when they were done.
Roland G. of North Bay, ON
Job was done quickly & efficiently. It was a pleasure doing business with you Ken and your staff were very nice fellows. We'd certainly recommend you!
Al & Lil D. of North Bay, ON
Your crew and office staff were excellent.  You were so knowledgeable about the system, good information on your estimate and you answered all of my questions.  The cleanup was perfect!  The system looks so much cleaner!  It is alway very quiet.  I am very pleased with this worry free system!
Suzanne M. of North Bay, ON
Your crew and office staff were excellent.   The Battery Backup Sump Pump system looks so much cleaner.  It is also very quiet!  I am very pleased with this worry free system!
Suzanne M. of North Bay, ON
The installation crew were good.  They took care and cleaned up. I hired you instead of another company because you were professional and had a great warranty.
Raymond C. of North Bay, ON
I'm very satisfied with the Cleanspace Installation.  I researched your website and was very impressed with the knowledge and science.  I would recomend you to other people who may be in need of your services
Terry L. of North Bay, ON
Monday, September 9th
The crew were nice guys and everything was cleaned up when they were done. Ted went over how the TripleSafe worked and explained everything to me.
Norm E. of Sturgeon Falls, ON
Monday, January 27th
The staff were all kind, professional and educated.  They completed this big job that needed to be done on time.  Thank you!  You are the Crawlspace Specialists!  I would refer anyone to your Company!
Paula C. of St. Charles, ON
Thursday, April 4th
Since you did the crawlspace, the floors are warmer, my home smells so much better and the back door is now closing properly.  Everything is better!
Paula C. of St. Charles, ON
Thursday, April 4th
Good work and excellent service on the installation of our new Super Sump and Sanidry dehumidifier.  Very well done.  Thank you.
Ron A. of Alban, ON
Innovation solution that is cost effective!
Jeff L. of Sudbury, ON
Friday, July 13th
We were very impressed!  First phone call was to book an appointment and you kept us informed all the way through  
Lise D. of Val Caron, ON
Fantastic crew, Very Professional
Paul H. of Sudbury , ON
We are very satisfied with Wall Crack Repair.  Your crew and staff are friendly and very professional.  You actually showed up for the estimate and your office returned my calls and emails.  Very pleased.
Craig and Brianna Y. of Sudbury , ON
Tuesday, November 27th
I'm very pleased with the completed job and very happy with my Crawl Space.  From a drit floor, it has been transformed inot a clean dry area.  The staff & crew are very kind and professional.  Thank you
Robyn M. of Sudbury, ON
I just love it. My house smells so fresh. I'm showing it off to my neighbors.  Even my husbands' golf bag is stored down there and doesn't smell musty.
Rita of Sudbury, ON
Our basement is dry all the time. Thank you!
Gayle B. of Sudbury, ON
Fast installation. The crew were friendly and efficient. No other sump could touch the TripleSafe.  Excellent work!
Harold K. of Val Therese, ON
i wish i would hve known about Kenmar before but glad i went to the homeshow and found your company.  Keep up the excellent work.  Always very helpful and takes the time to listen.  I wish i would have known you guys before.
Fran B. of Val Caron, ON
Leaky basment repair Ken and Marina were very professional right from the beginning of the job, right up to the end of the job. The track system itself that they used is working very good and it saved us from all the expense of having the yard all dug up and then all the work of fixing the basement from the outside. It was done fast and comes with a very good warranty that is transferable. Job well done by the crew and I would 100% refer this company to anyone that is having any issue with a basement leaking. Thank you again Ken, Marina and crew.
Les D. of Val Caron, ON
Wednesday, December 12th
I am impressed with this company`s professionalism!
Maureen F. of Copper Cliff, ON
Monday, May 5th
We were very satisfied with the job.  The crew were professional, clean and polite.  The Sanidry Mini was installed but determined to be faulty.  A new unit was installed without hesitation - we were very pleased with the outcome.
Al and Cathy M. of Cobalt, ON
Thursday, April 11th
Extremely satisfied with crew. They were informative, professional and friendly as well as was the office staff. Would highly recommnd the system and would without hesitation, recommend Kenmar Basement Systems to anyone. Professional, friendly and good communications team
Mike and Sue C. of Azilda, ON
Installation was great, the guys are awesome and very clean, would like to have them come over to do my spring cleaning. will definitely be recommending you.
Mike of Azilda, ON
Monday, February 23rd
I thought I would drop you an email to let you know you have the best team ever....! Those boys were very professional, efficient, considerate ( fas you know my mom was there and they kept her informed as to how long noise would last. I thought that was so nice of them to do that for her). She didn't kill me after all that!  They cleaned up everything when they were done and answered any questions I had. I was very impressed!  Thank you so much....I will probably be in touch again in the near future for further projects! Thanks again, and please pass on my gratitude to your team. What a great bunch of guys to work with!....M
Mona P. of Azilda, ON
Tuesday, March 3rd
It was very comforting to know I could trust a company, and not worry about anything.  I was very impressed with the whole experience and will definitely recommend Kenmar for sure! M
Mona P. of Azilda, ON
Friday, March 20th
Everything was great!  Really good guys.  Sump is working & they did a very good job!
Marcel D. of Azilda, ON
Thursday, April 11th
"Due to the location of our leak in the basement we were unable to work from the outside of our home. The water guard product that Kenmar uses was what I was looking for. Kenmar was very professional from the first phone call to the final follow up. We are very pleased with your service."
Steve W. of Lively, ON
Tuesday, August 1st
"The 2 young men who installed our equipment were awesome...very polite, kept our basement clean, and installed the sump plus did outside work in an extremely efficient manner...wish I could give them a 10! Again, great representives for your company."
Graham W. of Naughton, ON
Tuesday, August 1st
The amazing thing is that your water guard and bright wall system combination really works. I saw proof of that in our first crawl space project. The area has since been bone dry!!Previously, there were always puddles of water.
Shekar C. of Espanola, ON
Very satisfied with the crawlspace work. Installation crew was knowledgeable and professional. The office staff was very courteous and helpful. Very pleased overall with the quality of work, cleanliness, dependability, professionalism and response to concerns. We keep going down there (crawlspace) after a heavy rain to look for water...and there isn't any! Thank you. My crawlspace is dry all the time.
Shekar C. of Espanola, ON
I am very, very satisfied with the job you did! I had an excellent experience from my first contact with your office staff to the completion! Your installation crew were very efficient and friendly. They kept us well informed. You did a great job - It's so nice to go down in the basement and see it so dry and clean looking. I wish I had done it years ago! Thank you for bringing your company to the Trade Fair!
Kathleen V. of Little Current , ON
The staff were very friendly, informative and helpful.  I do like the end result.  Not damp or humid in my crawlspace anymore!
Ann S. of Little Current, ON
Very satisfied! Excellent installation crew.  We trusted Ken after the initial meeting and inspection.  Thank you for prompt service as well as for removing the drywall to expedite the job.  It would've taken us a awhile to find someone else to do this, delaying  the work in the basement.
Anne C. of Little Current, ON
My neighbor came over last evening to tell me she had a foot of water in her garage.  I quickly checked my crawl space and no sign of water in the crawl space !  It smells fresher too
Carole H. of Little Current, ON
Tuesday, March 12th
Extreamly satisfied with the job done, installation crew was very friendly and efficient. The office staff was very good and prompt. And we were very satisfied with the cleanup.   
Gary F. of Spanish, ON
Thursday, September 18th
Our crawlspace is bright and clean.  I have no problem going down there and I have so much more storage  We store all our seasonal items and clothing.  After the last heavy rainfall, I went down to check the clothes to see if they were damp and they weren't  They were just a fresh and dry as the day we put them down there.  It's just great how you changed our crawlspace and made it usable.  Thank you!  We are so pleased.
Ralph M. of Mindemoya, ON
Very pleased with the results of my SaniDry installation.  The basement is much healthier now.  The humidity rate is constantly below 55
Frank P. of Mindemoya, ON
Honest job for fair money. Experienced and always up-to-date on best procedures in the industry. Very satisfied, excellent service!  Wish we knew then, what we know now! Thank you.
Jutta C. of Elliot Lake, ON
I am so impressed with your installation crew.  From my call to your office to the install; I'm very pleased the way I was treated, It (the method) was explained to me in a way that I understood what was going to be done. Only the wet basement was putting the pressure on me! Thank you for giving me the time to decide and make the right choice. Thank you for giving me a dry basement!
Maggie and Doug S. of Elliot Lake, ON
Monday, June 20th
I am so satisfied with the repair you did on my crack from the window well. You were so professional Ken and your crew pleasant. I'm so thankful to get if fixed before I sell my house!
Maggie R. of Elliot Lake, ON
I know that my crawl space was before wet and damp and could not store things.  Now after the job it's clean and we can store all holiday decorations in a dry storage room.  Would recommend this product to anybody that wants to improve their warmth of their home.  I am glad I found your business on the internet.  There was nothing left to do when you were done.  A great job.
Rheal C. of Val Caron, ON
The service was excellent. Your crew were very efficient.  My crawl space is now dry and looks great. Good job all around.
Mark B. of Elliot Lake, ON
My basement is dry and my tenant can move in.  It was always wet.  I am so pleased, I don't have to worry about it anymore.  Merci
Marie B. of Elliot Lake, ON
Your poroducts met our needs and we had a positive experience dealing with you in the past.  We are very pleased with the finished product.  We hope our addition to our home will show us a huge benefit in warmth and bill reduction over the winter.  Its also a clean and maintained storage space now.    Note: Mike commented a few months afterward:  Very pleased, home is noticeably warmer, not as damp and more comfortable.
Mike and Julia L. of Elliot Lake, ON
Wednesday, October 31st
This has been an ongong problem and you've fixed it.  Finally, no more water in the basement.  Thank you
Peter K. of Elliot Lake, ON
The crew were very nice.  I am sleeping better since you installed the CleanSpace system. 
Gladys H. of Algoma Mills, ON
Fast installation on the insulation and excellent service.  Everything up to cleanup was perfect!
Fred H. of Algoma Mills, ON
My basement is finally dry.  Marina was excellent.  The pump is so quiet, I was really sure it was running...but it was.  Now I don't have to worry, the Ultra Sump Battery Back up is doing the trick.  Thanks Ken, you were nice to deal with and a gentlemen
Don M. of Blind River, ON
We were tired of trying to fix our leaking basement from the outside.  Our basement is now dry all we really like  the ThermalDry matting too.   Your staff and the crew were very knowledgable, informative and courteous. 
Allison & George M of Blind River , ON
Wednesday, November 16th
Very satisfied.   They introduced themselves upon arrival and did a good job.  I've noticed a big difference, It's much warmer now.  Thanks
Keith F. of Blind River, ON
Very satisfied with the job you did on my crawlspace.  The installation crew is knowledgeable, clean and friendly  My experience with the office staff was excellent.  I hired you to eliminate the odor, wet basement and it is a good feature on the resale value of my home in the future.  I would be happy to speak with anyone who is thinking of having this procedure done.  Word of mouth is sometimes the best advertising!
Joan L. of Blind River, ON
Very happy can not wait to tell people about our company, crew was fantastic, hard working, polite, and cleaned up well after themselves. Make sure to send us some business cards so we can pass them out. 
Kim C. of South Porcupine, ON
Thursday, February 12th
The crew was great, very helpful, great job on the clean up, very satisfied.
Terry of Val Caron, ON
Tuesday, February 24th